CHE Integrative Health Working Group

This ScienceServ explores the emerging science evaluating integrative (complementary and alternative medicine) therapies used by medical providers and patients facing illnesses linked to environmental exposures. Our discussion includes a balanced evaluation of such therapies and a discussion on how environmental surroundings can support health and resilience for those facing disease treatment. We aim to provide a space for health professionals, scientists, researchers, community groups, government agents, and the health-affected to connect, share, and discuss evidence-based research investigating integrative therapies and health outcomes. We do this by distributing influential research articles and hosting partnership calls featuring new research and innovative efforts to complement mainstream therapies.

The ScienceServ is coordinated by Michael Lerner, vice-chair of CHE.

CHE does not take a stance on specific legislation nor sign petitions and the like. Rather, we investigate and discuss the scientific foundation for more health-protective policies in a civil tone. For posting guidelines and etiquette, please see our CHEtiquette.

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